Matthews to move 10-trip tickets to Leap Card only

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Commuters travelling on will only be able to purchase their popular ten-journey tickets by using a Leap Card from November 1 onwards.

In a move that will speed up boarding times on the service, are changing to a paperless system for their ten-journey tickets, so while passengers can still purchase all tickets for cash, they will need a Leap card for ten-journey tickets.

Single and return journeys will continue to be printed as paper tickets, however all Adult, Child and Student 10-journey tickets will now be issued exclusively on the Leap Card.

And the company has stressed that all customers travelling to college must have a Student Leap Card to avail of the further discounted Student ten-journey tickets.

Paper ten-journey tickets sold on or before October will be valid for transport only up to January 31, and must be used by then.

“Our customers love the Leap Card, and since its introduction it has meant easier and cheaper commuting for those who avail of it,” said Managing Director Paddy Matthews.

“The ten-journey ticket is our most popular ticket and moving to a Leap Card will cut down hugely on our paper usage.

“It is important that anyone who commutes using a ten-journey ticket makes the move to a Leap Card immediately, as we will not print paper ten-journey tickets after October 31.

“The change to not printing paper ten-journey tickets will result in less waste and a greener journey, as well as less boarding time for passengers.

“Customers will also have the added benefit of recovering their ticket via the Leap Card system should it get lost or stolen. customers also have the option to preload their card with a 10-journey ticket up to 48 hours before their journey.”

Find out more about getting your Leap Card and Child Leap Card and locate your nearest convenient collection point at

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