About Taxsaver Tickets

Changes to Taxsaver Since November 1st 2019

Matthews.ie Taxsaver Commuter tickets are now fully moved over to Leap Cards from November 1, which has resulted in  allowing passengers a quicker and easier commuting on our routes and beyond.

If you are renewing a Taxsaver ticket with us or applying for a new ticket you must first have your personalised ticket before we can fully process the product.

Travelling with Leap is easy – you simply tag on when boarding the coach – and having a Leap Card gives you easier onward travelling opportunities in Dublin.

Easy steps to a Leap Card

1 Apply at https://www.leapcard.ie/en/NavigationPages/CardPurchase.aspx

2 Select Adult Personalised

3 There is a €10 cost but this will be credited to your card

4 You need to upload a photo with your application

With this change over comes a change in start dates meaning all Mathews.ie Taxsaver tickets must start on the first of the month and last for whole months in blocks of up to one year.

About Taxsaver Tickets:

Commuters who are entitled to claim tax relief to travel to work can do so by availing of our taxsaver travel scheme. This scheme allows you to apply for 3, 6, 12 month tickets through your employer and in turn deductions are made through payroll on a weekly/monthly basis. Matthews.ie invoice your company for the full amount and you could potentially save up to 52% depending on your tax bracket.

Applications can be submitted by post by printing our application below or you can now apply online.  But first you must have ordered your personalised Leap Card. Tickets will be processed once full payment is received and payments can be taken by credit card once you contact our office. 

Choose Your Starting Point

Taxsaver Ticket Terms & Conditions

• Taxsaver tickets can only be applied to adult personalised Leapcards.

• Tickets must not be altered in any way. Altered tickets will be void and will not be accepted.

• Tickets are non-transferable.

• Misuse will result in the ticket being suspended.

• Leap Cards also incur the T&C of Leapcard.ie

• Tickets must be personalised to the person named on the application under Employee Details

• Taxsaver tickets may be refunded but only by request of the purchaser and after the ticket has been returned to Matthews Coach Hire Ltd.

• Only remaining whole months will be refunded minus a 10% administration charge.  Taxsaver tickets may be refunded buy only by request of the purchaser.

• The refund will be issued to the purchaser of the ticket.

• Due to Government regulations we need to hold taxsaver information on our system for a period of 6 years.

• Tickets are for whole months only

• You are required to tag onto the ticket machine for each journey.

• Flexi tickets will expire on the earliest of the trips being utilizes and the ticket period ending.