Karen, I want to contact you to ask for my praise and thanks to be passed on to one of your drivers. His name is Paul and he drove from Dublin to Bettystown (via Drogheda) on Feb 28th 2017. I live near Dundalk, and my daughter was on the above mentioned service last night. On arriving in Drogheda she discovered she was on the wrong bus, and was now stranded in Drogheda at night in the dark. Paul was good enough to drive her to Southgate shopping centre where she could wait in safety for me to collect her by car. He also gave her other advice to try to get her home safely. Like all big companies, I’m sure you get plenty of complaints, but on this occasion its praise all the way for this gentleman. I hope you can identify him, and pass on the genuine appreciation from all my family for his kindness. Paul – Matthews Commuter Service