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Paypal map

PayPal Run (AM)



Monday – Friday
Departs Lisnadara  07:05
Departs Dunnes Ard Esmond  07:07
Departs Castletown Road  07:08
Departs Bridge Street  07:10
Departs St Helena’s Road  07:12
Departs Point Road  07:15
Departs St Joseph’s Park (St. Gerards Square)  07:16
Departs Windmill Bar  07:18
Departs St Patrick’s Church  07:20
Departs River Lane (Dunnes Park Street)  07:21
Departs McDonalds  07:23
Departs ESB, Avenue Road  07:25
Departs Green Acres  07:26
Departs Sloan’s Shop  07:27
Departs Holy Family Church (lower Hoey’s Lane)  07:30
Departs College Heights  07:32
Departs Meehan’s Garage  07:33
Arrives PayPal  07:38

PayPal Departures (PM)

Departs PayPal: Monday – Friday 17:15 18:45