streamline Bettystown service

The number of stops on the service from Bettystown to Dublin, IFSC, and UCD is being reduced in order to streamline journey times.


Due to ever-increasing traffic congestion, have examined their routes to find the most efficient ways possible to transport the majority of their passengers, taking care to leave alternative options for those affected.


The following route will apply to all service times on the Bettystown service.


Coaches travelling towards Dublin City Centre will now stop at Southgate, Donacarney Church, Donacarney Little, Donacarney School, Bettaghastown Cross, Castlemartin, Tesco, Bettystown Village, Inse Bay, Laytown Railway Station, Julianstown Public House, Whitecross, Mosney Cross and City North Business Campus before reaching Dublin. Please note that while the stops at Bettystown Village and Donacarney Little will be in operation on the service towards Dublin City Centre, on the service home towards Bettystown these stops will not be in operation.


Students will find an easier commute to college with extra Bettystown-UCD services running at 06:20 inbound to Dublin and 18:15 outbound to Bettystown in addition to the current service, along with a new route through Dublin city centre which avoids traffic hotspots.


Matthews are also reinstating the 9am and 3pm pick-ups from Donacarney School, Bettaghastown Cross, Castlemartin and Tesco. These stops were not in use around school times because of heavy traffic, with buses previously diverting through Mornington. This change has now been reversed and all buses on the Bettystown service will now serve these stops at all times, from Nov 11th.


For full details on times eplease see the timetable here.


Stop Location View Stop:
Southgate, Colpe Road, Grangerath
Donacarney Church
Donacarney School
Bettaghastown Cross
Castlemartin, Eastham Road
Bettystown Village
Inse Bay
Laytown Railway Station
Julianstown Public House
Mosney Cross
City North Business Campus




••• CUSTOMER NOTICE: The 6am service from Dundalk to UCD & the 16.10 from UCD to Dundalk will not operate from Mon, March 16th. •••  
••• CUSTOMER NOTICE: Changes to UCD & IFSC service - effective March 23rd - please see news section •••  
••• CUSTOMER NOTICE: Effective March 25th, the 05:30 Dun-Dub direct and the 11:30 Dub-Dun direct will be temporarily suspended. •••  
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