Matthews win top CSR prize at Louth Business Awards

The Arts Showcase Initiative won top prize for Corporate Social Responsibility at the 2017 Louth Business Awards.

The Arts Showcase initiative, in partnership with Louth and Monaghan County Council Arts Offices, promotes and provides innovative advertising support to a succession of artists across a range of disciplines over a three-year period.


Every six months, a deserving person from the creative sector across the arts disciplines in Louth, Monaghan or East Meath is selected as the showcase winner and have themselves or their works featured as an advertisement on the full back of a coach


The award was received on stage by Paddy Matthews, Managing Director of


"We would like to thank every artist that has entered our initiative through our website, and urge them to keep doing so, as the rewards for winning are vast in terms of exposure as the recipients’ art is seen on the back of a Matthews bus by thousands of people a day," he said.



"We have always put the art and culture of the area to the fore in our numerous day and extended tours which promote the north east, and we see the benefits in promoting the artistic life of the region."


Louth County Arts Officer, Brian Harten, is delighted with the exposure that has given to local artists. 



“Louth County Council takes pride in the creativity of our artists, and increasing awareness of their work through such a high-profile partnership with can be a great boost to the careers of visual artists, musicians, craftspeople, and all creative professionals.”

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